Gold Asea System (Outward Casement System)

- The same window frame can be used for fix, inward opening, outward opening windows which makes the assembly much easier

- The slope design on the surface presents the profile much slimmer, which enriches the aesthetic vision effect of the architecture.

- The coextruded glazing bead makes water seepages nearly impossible.

Glass thickness from 4 to 32 mm.

- 2.7 mm wall thickness supply estimable strength.

- Corner strength exceed 4500 N.

- The unique design of Z-style transom can realize the ideal joint no matter welding or mechanism coupling.

- Durable aluminum threshold bar available.

- Three chamber profile design provides optimal thermal insulation.

Profile Drawings Gold Asea System

Gold Asea System (Outward Casement System)

(Outward Casement System)