A wooden door is one of the most outstanding feature of home decoration. It's not just the feature that allows the entrance or exit, the closure or the isolation of a room, locale or building; it is more a detail of good taste that signifies the importance of the place where it is installed. With the proper seasoning of timber, state-of-the-art mechanization and standardized panel doors specifications (see table below), GSSFAB delivers the best of the best Panel Doors.

Standard Sizes A-81'' | B-- 26'', 27'', 28'', 29'', 30'', 31'', 32'', 33'', 34'', 35'', 36''.
Door Thickness 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm
Style 150mm 4", 125mm 5", 150mm 6",
Centre Style Width 75mm 3", 100mm 4"